Difficulty in assessing the importance of key indicators The choice of key indicators is a rather responsible and ambiguous process. This becomes especially evident when non-financial indicators are determined. Financial indicators in companies are. Constantly monitored, but the definition. Of non-financial indicators. Especially at the first stage, is quite difficult due to their ambiguity.

Disadvantages of matrix structures

When evaluating indicators, it makes sense to arrange. Them in order of importance in each of the four components. And leave no more than five key and most important ones for each component. Something as a result In the end, I would like Democratic Donor Email List to emphasize that the process of developing and implementing a Balanced Scorecard is always useful and necessary for a company.

Advantages of a matrix structure:

And like any serious idea, this one also requires a certain amount of time to develop your own experience. Management structures in many modern enterprises were built in accordance with. The principles of management formulated at the beginning of the 20th century. The German sociologist Max Weber (the concept of rational bureaucracy).

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