I stood still, looked around, and took a few deep breaths. This helps me clear my mind and fully enjoy the nature around me. I highly recommend taking small breaths throughout the day. Take a few deep breaths before eating to focus and appreciate it more. Or ask yourself after you take a deep breath: What are three things I can be grateful for in my life today?

Find or refocus while working.

These breaks will help you live more consciously and fully, and will infuse you with positive energy. 7. Let go of the overwhelming situations in your life. Life can get overwhelming at times. Maybe too much is happening at work and/or in your Holding, Investment Offices Email List personal life and you just feel overwhelmed and want to escape. Breathing is also very helpful in these difficult situations. It calms you down and frees you from the mental burden of all those chaotic thoughts and emotions.

Slow down and stop.

It can help you regain focus. It can help you gain ground and find a healthier perspective as your mind becomes clearer and clearer again. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed during the day, take a deep breath and focus on it for just a minute or two. In my experience, this is often more helpful than escaping to Facebook and getting lost in procrastination. Image courtesy of Tess Mayer (license).

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