Sharp consumer insights are crucial for developing Belarus Email Lists innovations. But that’s not enough. In these times it is also essential that innovations have a positive social impact. Both perspectives reinforce each other. We see five trends that show that companies can no longer ignore Belarus Email Lists innovation. 1. The consumer wants it Most customers attach increasing importance to sustainability. That is no Belarus Email Lists just something for activists, but also for the mainstream public. he Brand & Society Monitor shows that no Belarus Email Lists than three quarters of consumers would like companies to

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make a positive contribution to society. More than half also pay Belarus Email Lists to this when making purchases. If you as a company show that you have an eye for people and society, this Belarus Email Lists more trust and satisfaction with the customer. The underlying motives of the consumer are not all the same. If you want to encourage sustainable behaviour, it is important to take this into account in your communication. The Belarus Email Lists crisis is a major driver of this sustainability trend. Four in ten consumers indicate.

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That they have started to consume more consciously and Belarus Email Lists as a result of the pandemic. 2. Ethics awareness has increased Capitalism is due for a reset, as the Financial Times said in 2019. And we see that happening. The role of companies has changed in recent years. Companies no Belarus Email Lists serve the interests of only the shareholders, but of multiple stakeholder groups. This view is Belarus Email Lists by the Business Round Table in the US, as well as by VNO-NCW in the Netherlands. Increasingly, the question arises among leaders, the board or supervisors: who do we want to be?

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