WordPress is a content management platform that can be developd by anyone and you can manage your site without the need for coding knowledge. It is suitable for news, blog, magazine, information, e-commerce, company sites.

However , we have not fully answerd the question of what is WordPress . It is very comprehensive as it has millions of users and developers.

So what exactly is WordPress ? How to use WordPress What does it do? How to install? Let’s answer these questions together.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free content management system and blog software, written in PHP programming language, with an easy to use, Turkish interface and millions of users.

There is an infrastructure you nee to use to open a website . This infrastructure is the software you will use on your site. It is an infrastructure in WordPress. The infrastructure I currently use is wordpress. 30% of websites all over the world use WordPress. It contains thousands of free designs and can be easily edited.

Special software can be used upon request, but it is a job that requires cost and knowledge. Because it will be private, either you or the person who made it can solve your problems. But when known infrastructures are used, any problems you will experience will have been experiencd before. Therefore, you can manage your site without the need of anyone with hundreds of resources on the internet.

What Does WordPress Do

With WordPress, you can become a blogger without coding knowledge . You can use thousands of free designs and edit your logo and content.

WordPress was originally usd as blogging software . But with a huge development and support from its makers and the internet world, they have expandd WordPress. It has now become a corporate firm. Reached millions of users. Rather than its first purpose as a blog, it can now be used for many purposes.

In addition, you can easily handle your transactions Austria Phone Numbers thanks to free plugins. For example, you can add your most clickd pages to a part of your site, and you can easily add social media sharing buttons.

You can open a site where everyone will be a member. For example, for those who want to share their recipes, you can open a public site.

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What To Do With WordPress

If you are worrd about setting up a website , wordpress is for you. You can create a blog site with WordPress . You can broadcast current news using hundrds of free designs on the Internet.

Have a news website with different designs.Can get an author on your site thanks to the author pages.

With WordPress, you can now even open an e-commerce site . You can sell online with the WordPress infrastructure thanks to various plugins. You can set up corporate sites and websites in many categories .

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