I’ve found that if I focus on the process rather than obsessing over getting the results I want as quickly as possible – or preferably faster – then my patience and perseverance grows and I’m more likely to continue my work even if I’m successful One or two (or five) rough patches of road. 12. What someone said or did to you may have nothing to do with you. The criticism or verbal attacks you may have received this morning or in the past year may not concern you at all.

Stop falling into comparison traps.

So don’t make the common mistake of thinking it’s all about you. The people around you, whether at work or at school, are likely to have a bad week, month, or year. Or he or she may be in a bad marriage, unhappy with his/her career, or burdened with South Korea WhatsApp Number List the old, heavy negative baggage that someone else once brought him or her. When you don’t feel good enough because of something someone else may have said or done, remind yourself of that. And realize that you don’t have to carry their baggage and negativity.

Make a list and spend a few minutes

It belongs to them. not you. 13. You can and may need to make some real changes to your environment to feel better about yourself. Whatever we let into our minds has a big impact. Whether these effects are positive or negative. So you may need to make some changes to your environment to feel better about yourself. Otherwise, you’re always trying to move forward, and the powerful weight will hold you back and drag you back. An easy start to the process of gradually changing your everyday world is to ask yourself:

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