Saying yes to imperfection can turn things around. How to do it: Be aware of the cost of buying the perfect myth. Watching too many movies, listening to too many songs, and just listening to what the world tells you, it’s easy to fall into a dream of perfection. This sounds so wonderful and wonderful, you want it. But in real life, it collides with reality, and it can hurt or can cause you to end relationships, jobs, projects, etc., just because your expectations are out of this world. I find it helpful to remind myself of this simple fact.

But in these cases, a better way to say

Go good enough. The quest for perfection usually ends very slowly in a project or something, or never gets done. So go for good enough. Don’t use this as an excuse to be lazy. But just realize that there is something called good enough, and when you’re free email romania there, you’ve accomplished whatever you’re doing. 2. Be you. Can’t be yourself, always trying to change or censor yourself for others doesn’t feel good at all. It makes life so small and limited. So how can you be yourself?

When you fail or make mistakes, don't give up.
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Live your life well despite setbacks.

Your environment plays a big role. How to do it: support people. Spend more time with people who support your dreams, values, and you. Or at least neutral. Spend less time with people who always criticize you or who you simply don’t fit in. Supportive and extended life impacts outside of everyday life. Changing your environment isn’t just close to you. Go further and spend more time with sources of information that support your dreams and provide you with expanded information to make your life happier and more exciting.

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