The possibility of applying effective methods of planning and management; reducing the need for generalists. Disadvantages of a brigade (cross-functional) structure: complication of interaction (especially for a cross-functional structure); difficulty in coordinating the work of individual teams; high qualification and responsibility of personnel; high communication requirements.

What is the readiness to fight 

Output:this form of organizational structure is most effective in organizations with a high level of qualification of specialists with good technical equipment, especially in combination with project management. This is one of the types of Direct Moving Leads organizational structures in which the ideas of the modern philosophy of quality are most effectively embodied. Matrix (program-target) organizational structure.

with newly acting competitors.

Such a structure is a network structure built on the principle of dual subordination of executors: on the one hand, to the direct head of the functional service, which provides personnel and technical assistance to the project manager, on the other hand, to the project or target program manager, who is endowed with the necessary authority to carry out the management process.

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