I’m a regular computer user. Not overly sophisticated but have mastered my word processor, spreadsheets, database, powerpoint, photo editing, downloading, web surfing and a sundry of other applications. Some would say I’m an expert, but I think they are overstating my capabilities. So, I’m working on a pretty involved project the other day. Thinking and writing. I’m ‘in the zone’ keyboarding as the thoughts come tumbling to mind.

Does the discount lead to a reduction in operating costs;

Yes – checking my email occasionally, doing some online research as I go, opening up other apps to check facts and figures, popping in some illustrations and even editing those as I go. Now as I say, I’m computer savvy and know how Email List of Furniture Manufacturers in USA my pc operates. I’ve experienced the occasional ‘freeze up’ and have learned that I should stop and save my work as I continue on. I knew that, but just forget sometimes.

Are the discount rates correct?

It is with this in mind that I think about today’s economic climate. My 401K has been set back about 6 years. I’m worried about having the time to make up for what I’ve lost, even though intellectually, I know that, in time, everything will be ok. So back to my computer. Here I go clicking away, popping back and forth between windows, deep in thought.

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