What it means in Belgium: great, fantastic What it means in the Seychelles Email List : quickly anxious, jumpy A world of difference, this word. It must be said that the meaning of ‘quickly anxious’ also exists in Flanders, but that it seems to be disappearing slowly. I infer that from some comments on Seychelles Email List .be . In practice I have therefore only heard ‘terrible’ in the sense of ‘great’, both from colleagues and in the media. For the Dutch who want to integrate into the Flemish community, this is how you use the. Wow, Rock Seychelles Email List was really, really good this year!

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The French fries from in are Seychelles Email List tasty. The knife cuts both ways’ What it means in Belgium: there are also negative sides to it What it means in the Netherlands: it benefits both parties Not only individual words can differ in meaning, this also applies to complete Seychelles Email List . It’s completely irrelevant, but I still want to share it with you (because it makes me so happy to read it myself): Seychelles Email List is the same saying in Afrikaans: Die mes sny na both kante toe. This is the saying in Frisian: Syn mês cuts both ways.

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Finish with a sizzle’ What it means in Belgium: it ended in Seychelles Email List or disappointment. What it means in the Netherlands: it has no serious consequences ‘Flipped off’ is standard language throughout the language area. this saying has different meanings in Belgium and the Netherlands. In Seychelles Email List , fizzling usually has a negative meaning, namely ‘to end in disappointment or failure’. In the Netherlands, the expression is mostly  in a positive sense: ‘have no serious consequences’. Often the outcome is better than . Seychelles Email List examples do you know?

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