Ever since I watched the episodes of Samson and Gert on TV as a Senegal Email List Dutch boy, I’ve known that there are differences between Flemish and Dutch. Not only because the Flemish use expressions such as ‘allez’, ‘amai’ and ‘frietkot’, but also because in the Netherlands there is not nearly as often a Senegal Email List on the door because the bell does not work. Now, 25 years later, I am no longer a little Dutch boy, but a big guy with a starting beer belly who has been living in Flanders for 10 years and is happy there with a Flemish Senegal Email List and two Flemish cats (and a lot of Flemish-Dutch life lessons later). ).

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And what I now know is that there are not only Flemish Senegal Email List that are not known in the Netherlands, but that there are also expressions that are used in both areas, but have a completely different meaning. Confusing? Yes! But also exciting. maybe What it means in Belgium: probably What it Senegal Email List in the Netherlands: maybe When a Fleming says that he ‘probably’ will do something soon, that is a much Senegal Email List certain thing than when the Dutchman says so.

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When I look in the Van Dale , however, I see that ‘probably’ Senegal Email List only has the meaning of ‘maybe’ or ‘possibly’, ie something with a far from certain probability. My suspicion is that in Flanders a kind of dilution has occurred over time between ‘probably’ and ‘ probably ‘. The word ‘probably’ does Senegal Email List the meaning of ‘probably’. And ‘probably’ is very similar to ‘probably’, so it’s not surprising that confusion Senegal Email List about that at some point. Also read: Solid or decent food? Watch out for instincts in German Perhaps that is the cause. Or maybe? hmm…

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