Content available. Which has a direct impact on ranking . The structure of information within the page is fundamental for navigability . Understanding and user experience . So it is only natural for google to take this point into account when ranking the results. Tip: user experience: how does it increase my sales power? You need to follow a logical order of header. Body text. Footer and title and intertitle tags (h1. H2 and so on). Prominent sources are also important to demonstrate central ideas within the content. When a user enters the page. The titles and intertitles already give an idea of how the information is divided and where the user can look for what he is looking for. We call this scannability . A simple organization that helps the reader understand the architecture of the content and allows for a more fluid reading.

The title tag is also very important and helps search engines understand the central theme of the page. Improving its Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers indexing according to the subjects it is related to. This is the first point of improvement in an seo strategy . Another point to check is the meta description . It’s a simple. Short paragraph that briefly tells search engines — and blog visitors as well — what a page’s content is. When you don’t create a meta description. Google does it for indexing. But it’s not ideal. The meta description is displayed below the title. In the search results bar. And can directly influence the user’s decision of which link to access when performing a search. Finally. Another essential feature for on page seo and an ideal architecture is the use of keywords in strategic locations on the page. As search engines identify when indexing a website ‘s content .

The title tag is also very

Keywords used. Since excess can harm the quality of the content and make your page fall in positions. As it loses relevance . Off page an seo strategy is not only done within your website. It is possible to take actions outside the domain to generate more authority and draw attention to your pages. Resulting in relevance and improving ranking . This process is called off page seo and consists of building links on other pages. This activity can be done through participation in forums or through comments on social networks . Blogs and other sites. Mentioning your brand . Backlinks something also common to carry out this activity are partnerships with other authoritative domains for the publication of articles that contain links to your website. The number of links that point to your pages has a big impact on google ranking .

Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers

The engine considers citations of your content elsewhere to be votes of confidence . Demonstrating that other people believe in what you present and find your content valuable. This directly influences the authority of the domain . Demonstrating that your website is recognized as an influencer in a certain type of subject. According to the links built. And just like receiving links . Linking also attracts greater relevance . When. Within your content. You cite other domains recognized by your authority on the internet . Google understands that your page uses reliable sources and assigns more points to your domain. However. You need to be very careful. As a common mistake is to fill pages with random links . Which can be penalized.

The number of links that point

The use of external links must be done wisely. Inserting only content relevant to the subject dealt with on the page. In addition. According to google’s rules. Some pages also do not give authority . As many sites only cite them randomly to acquire more ranking points and improve their positioning . Social signals google still doesn’t take 100% into account actions within social networks for ranking . That is. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gained a wide range of followers. Likes or shares. It won’t affect the positioning of your content in searches. However. Social networks can indirectly help in an seo strategy : increase brand mentions and visibility on the internet; improve company exposure and brand recognition.

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