You have to write texts at B1 level. Otherwise, low-literate people will not understand your text.” As a content creator and copywriter, it is a guideline that I am getting more and more often. I wonder: what exactly must a B1 text meet? And what criticism is there of this use of language? New on Catalan Email List The power of the word ‘because’ sat How will we shop in 2030? fri 11 handy Gmail tips to tackle your inbox fri A look into the future of social media [6 trends & AR case] do How to write juicy content on a boring topic [13 tips] do Understandable language, I’ve always found it fascinating. During my studies journalism and communication sciences I learned a lot about it.

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For my master’s thesis, for example, I did research into the comprehensibility of VMBO final exams, commissioned by Cito. The result is practical writing advice for exam makers. When it comes to texts for adults, I am also a big proponent of understandable language. Because why run the risk Catalan Email List people will not understand your text by using unnecessarily difficult words? Moreover, research shows that highly educated people also prefer accessible language . Where does B1 language come from? Many people today associate understandable language with B1 language.

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This term was introduced in 2002 by BureauTaal . According to this communication consultancy you can determine at which language level you write a Dutch text. For this Catalan Email List uses the six language levels from the European Framework of Reference (CEFR) : A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. These say something about the language proficiency of people learning a new European foreign language. People with A1 level are beginners; someone with C2 level masters the language almost like his or her mother tongue. B1 is a modern definition for

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