That they show that they understand what you want to Denmark Phone Number List achieve, and why you need it. And that they show that they want to ensure that you can carry out your dream renovation, but that they are bound by some rules and obligations. And so are you. Day admission in the hospital You visit the hospital for a day admission. You bet that empathy is important here. Of Denmark Phone Number List course, a hospital visit is also standard procedure – for that hospital. Certainly not for you. From start to finish, this experience, this process, cries out for an empathetic approach. And everyone knows why. As a patient you feel vulnerable. In many cases, you literally are. At the very least, you have to give up your body and your fate emotionally. You may be a bit anxious.

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You long for a kind word from the medical staff, for explanations Denmark Phone Number List and understanding. Nurses with protection against corona stick photos on their chests, so that their faces can still be seen. Source: Robertino Rodriguez | Instagram But what if you wear multiple hats in a process? The foregoing examples show that empathy may be necessary or desirable to a Denmark Phone Number List greater or lesser extent, depending on the situation. You could say: depending on the type of relationship or on the process and the role an organization has in that process. But often it is not so black and white. In many situations, as a government organization (or as an individual civil servant) you wear several hats. What does that mean for how you behave? For the level of empathy you show?

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To understand that, it makes sense to understand a little more Denmark Phone Number List about the different roles you can have. 3 ideal types of civil servants and government organizations In the book The ideal civil servant , authors Ronald Derks and Bas van Leeuwen describe how the role of civil servants has changed in recent decades, and how individual civil servants can make a difference Denmark Phone Number List  in helping government develop. They describe 3 ideal-typical roles, based on three schools of thought in public administration that provide a framework for the actions of civil servant.

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