Within the four main projections: finance, marketing. (market activities), internal business processes, learning and growth. And why? It’s simple, it is these 4 wheels in the form of structural divisions that “roll” any company to achieve goals. Buy email list from latest mailing database.

projection of learning and growth

(projection of finance); Which company introduces itself to its customers? (marketing projection); Which business processes should the company improve, which ones should Clinical Nurse Specialist Email List be abandoned, which ones should be focused on? (projection of internal business processes); How is the company developing, can it improve efficiency and what are the compensators for its weaknesses?

What are the indicators?

(projection of learning and growth) Why “balanced” Do you know the fable about the swan, cancer and pike? Finance and sales and accounting quarreled. The company is a living and integral organism. And its health and well-being. Largely depend on how its constituent parts work together. The evaluation criteria for all four projections of the system of indicators are interconnected. The chain of interaction is based on a cause-and-effect relationship.

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