A few years ago. They had a Youtuber Nancy. Now. They have a Nancy in a mask. This year’s toys have become. Like so many other products. An element marked by the pandemic and that connects with what is happening right now. Famosa has launched Anhui mobile phone number list a masked-up Nancy (and the mom shoppers Reuters spoke to at a toy store take it fairly well. Famosa reckons it’s been selling very well since it launched in September). It is not the only pandemic toy. Famosa has launched a doll with an activated coronavirus test. Whoever the Magi bring her to will only have to try to see what happens to her wrist and heal it. Yes. With tickles. In Portugal. A manufacturer released an antivirus suite. They are the most visible elements.

But not the only ones. The market is full of children’s masks. Themed card games and other toy items linked to the pandemic. The Portuguese and Spanish toy manufacturers have released a series of toys linked to the coronavirus. Toys that have everything to become Anhui mobile phone number list one of those viral items for purchases this Christmas. The Famosa doll that tests positive for the coronavirus is . In fact. One of the star purchases of these holidays. The Virus cards. With two editions. Have already been popular. As a consumer. An aunt of two children under 9 years old. Explained to me for months. When she looked at them with surprise in a toy store. Giant Microbes. The company that has been making endearing virus and bacteria stuffed animals for years. Has already launched its own cute covid-19 stuffed animal.

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A part of the income it generates. They promise on their website. Goes to medical causes. Even general trends say a lot about the post-coronavirus market Anhui mobile phone number list Of course. Coronavirus toys are not the only fashionable toys this Christmas. The forecasts of Amazon Spain in November that anticipated which would be the 100 toys that would devastate Christmas spoke of superthings collectibles. Characters from the Star Wars series. The Mandalorian . And board games as the great winners of the season. The superthings repeated for the third consecutive year.


As a popular element among the little ones. Entering with force The Mandalorian and all the Grogu merchandising (until now known on the networks as Baby Yoda) as “the revelation toys of the year”. Even so. In the list of toys and sales trends that Amazon advanced. The impact of the crisis could also be found. Amazon already put. Among the board games that would be sold the most at Christmas. The game Virus. But even the rise of board games can be seen as Anhui mobile phone number list a leftover from the crisis: during lockdown. Consumers passionately rediscovered board games and timeless classics. In the end. All these toys are connected to the behavior trends that we have been dragging along for the last few months. But also to a return to normality or at least to wanting to normalize life with the coronavirus.

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That is. Children must get used to many of the things that the coronavirus has not forced them to do and toys are one more extension of it. The other big trend: toys and poop If you don’t have kids and haven’t been to a toy store for a long time. Walking into any one this year will lead to a surprise. In some corner there will be a kind of avalanche of scatological toys. In a Anhui mobile phone number list Juguettos there was a pimple popping game. Next to one about feeding cockroaches. Another about following a snot. Another about problems in the bathroom (to play with blockages in the toilet) and another about a unicorn that vomits (at least with brilli brilli and colorines). At the top of the shelf was positioned one called ” Catch the poo” . The trend is not limited to the Spanish market and is. Or everything points to it.

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