More and more newspapers are combining the digital Taiwan Email Lists the newspaper (e-paper) with the news feed in their apps. For example, De Telegraaf and De Morgen published new apps this week in which you can read both the current news and the newspaper. They are following the Taiwan Email Lists of NRC Media, which already added the news feed to the newspaper in the NRC Handelsblad app in 2018. De Volkskrant also took Taiwan Email Lists step a few months ago. A broader development, which I will examine in this article.

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Types of news apps Until recently, there were basically 2 Taiwan Email Lists of apps for reading, listening and viewing news published by newspapers: News Feed Apps E-paper apps News feed apps are apps in which a continuous stream of news stories (the feed) is published. These articles Taiwan Email Lists consist of text and photography, often supplemented with video, audio or interactive elements (statistics, etc.). The news articles offered can be free, paid or (increasingly) a combination of the two. Apps that contain digital versions of printed newspapers or magazines are called e-paper or sometimes replica apps. The newspaper articles generally consist Taiwan Email Lists text and (non-moving) images.

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Usually you have to pay for a digital edition in the e-paper apps. These are Taiwan Email Lists for sale separately through the cash registers of Apple and Google. And with most publishers, existing subscribers log in to access the daily e-newspaper. NRC on tablet. Why two kinds of apps? There are several reasons why Taiwan Email Lists publishers chose to separate feed and e-paper apps during the roughly first 10 years of the app stores. First of all, the internal editorial process: at newspapers, the production of the newspaper and website were still completely Taiwan Email Lists processes, often also carried out by different teams, each using their own editorial systems. Incidentally, this is still the practice at some editorial offices.

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