You’ve probably heard the tip: to learn to write, it’s better to Algeria Email Lists bad texts than good ones. A good text just works. It is deceptively simple. In a bad text you can better see what prevents you from reading: illogical order of words, text that is too abstract, illogical structure. But how do you then apply those insights when you start writing yourself, so that your own texts are readable? It is easy to read the book ‘ Style. Why Algeria Email Lists Read (and Why Not) ” by Kitty Kilian by reading. It contains 30 tips divided into four blocks, which help you to make your texts readable. From text construction to enlivening your text. Oops, liven up your text. Avoid the noun style is one of the tips. In Kilian’s words: Simple is always better than complicated.

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The tone of Style In the foreword to Stijl you can read: Writing is not an Algeria Email Lists science and this book is not a boring textbook. Deal with it. That sets the tone. Kilian gets to the point and likes clarity. Tip 18 is therefore ‘Be firm’: I dare say that three quarters of the success of a text depends on the Algeria Email Lists with which the writer dares to write. In tip 11 you read that you should delete attenuators: get rid of words like almost, maybe, possible. Interestingly enough, ‘almost’ crept into the sentence after that. Or is that ironic? You can almost Algeria Email Lists leave them out. You want to write firmly, not timidly. The style that is central to Stijl is exactly that: clear, as legible as possible . Regardless of the purpose of your text or the target group for which you are writing, these are the advice.

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In part 4 there is some room for variation when it comes to the Algeria Email Lists of a text (eg tip 24). But then you’ve already read three volumes on simplicity and clarity, so you know to avoid “spaghetti sentences.” Certainly if you want to create as little friction as possible when reading, less is more. If you want a style that is colorful or if your target or target group asks for something different, your Algeria Email Lists can be less compact. Book cover of ‘Style. Why Readers Read (and Why Not)” by Kitty Kilian 4 aspects of writing to write better The tips you read in Style are grouped into four steps: Structuring, some structures you can use to organize Algeria Email Lists text Simplify, a few tips to make your text readable and understandable Imagine, some tips to make your text lively Decorating, some tips that determine your voice and tone 1. Structuring

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