In reality, this publication states that less than 40% of the Dutch population has language level B1 , Carel Jansen found out. It therefore seems that BureauTaal has misinterpreted the figures. 3. There is no clear definition of B1 language As a writer you at least want to know what a good B1 text must meet. However, there is no Congo Email List definition of B1 language. The government says the following about it: “ Write Like You Talklevel B1 is simple Dutch. The vast majority of the population understands texts at language level B1. So also people who have not had a (high) education.” But what exactly is ‘simple Dutch’?

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The government mentions the following as characteristics of a B1 text: Clear titles and subheadings An active writing style with examples Simple words that everyone knows Short and clear sentences That information is not new. These writing recommendations have been featured in Congo Email List manuals and writing skills courses for years. That doesn’t have to be a big deal. It is a good sign that attention is paid to writing understandable texts. But you could say that ‘B1 text’ is just a modern term for ‘comprehensible text’.

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Also read: Take the test: do you understand what the king is saying? 4. Text features of B1 language are limited In any case, a definition of understandable language is difficult to Congo Email List into words. There are many characteristics that determine whether a text is easy to follow or not. In addition to short sentences, an active writing style and simple words, the cohesion between sentences is also an important Congo Email List . As a writer you apply these with signal words and connecting words, such as ‘because’, ‘but’ or ‘firstly’ and ‘secondly’.

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