Do you have an open rate of 42.5%? Then you can proudly say Angola Email List this is higher than the average in the Netherlands. Thanks to the open pixel in an email, marketers have a clear insight into the open rate . The arrival of Apple Mail Privacy Protection in September 2021 will affect the Angola Email List of your open rate. In this article we will discuss the impact of this development and give you concrete tips to Angola Email List yourself. The success of an email or email campaign is currently measured by the number of opens. Clicks and conversions.

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The open rate is even the most important KPI for email Angola Email List , according to a recent study by the  E-mail Committee . The open pixel in your email provides valuable data. This way you know exactly if and when your e-mail was opened. An open pixel is a tiny, one-pixel image that is not Angola Email List in the email, but it measures whether an email has been opened and returns information about which browser, operating system and IP address was used to open it. Protect your email activity Apple recently announced ‘Mail Angola Email List Protection’ , which will launch in September as part of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 & macOS Monterey.

Angola Email List

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After updating the operating system to this version. Angola Email List every user will be whether they want to protect their personal email activity or not. It is also possible that Apple even turns this option on by default for current users. Does a user choose ‘protect’? Then Apple first loads the content of the e-mail on its Angola Email List server, after which the e-mail appears in the inbox of the recipient. This means that all images, Angola Email List your open pixel. Will be by Apple at the time your ESP delivers the email

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