The Wuhan pneumonia has caused turmoil in the global stock market. And Taiwan stocks are facing a correction crisis. But after the crisis, the next wave of investment opportunities is also brewing. Jian Boyi, associate manager of Cathay Pacific Securities Futures Advisory Office. Believes that the best strategy at present is to do your homework diligently. The short-term index seems to be relatively weak. Investors should not be too impatient. It is best to wait for the number of confirmed cases in Wuhan to drop significantly and the stock market will no longer Correction, and then find time to enter the market crisis. KGI Venture Fund manager Yan Kecheng pointed out that if the subsequent Wuhan pneumonia epidemic spreads, Taiwan stocks may fall into another pullback trend.

Investors can find long-term buying points on dips

and wait for opportunities to increase long-term optimistic niche trend stocks and high-end stocks. High-yield stocks. Lin Xinfu, a strategist at Dexin Securities, also agrees that the best way for the stock market to Panama Phone Number plummet is to choose high-quality stocks with long-term high-yield yields, and the broader market will correct. You can buy slowly and wait until the market sentiment improves. High-quality yield stocks are naturally a safe haven for capital. The yield rate of high-quality stocks exceeded 6%, gradually increasing For example, Shengyi is the second largest solvent factory in China, with a long-term net profit per share (EPS) between 5 and 6 yuan, and a yield rate of more than 5% in the past three years.

Since the electronic high-purity solvent is packed

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in a container, the transportation will be polluted. Therefore, after the electronic-grade solvent is shipped from abroad, it needs to be purified again. At present, the Taiwan market is oligopolized by Shengyi and Changxing Chemical. In addition to the use of electronic-grade cleaning agents by major panel and semiconductor manufacturers, Shengyi also passed the certification of semiconductor factories such as TSMC last year, successfully cut into new products of semiconductor etching solution, broke the foreign monopoly in the past, and began to provide semiconductor customers for use in advanced processes, future semiconductors Factory expansion and new factories will be a potential market, and the performance this year should be stable and upward.

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