Robert Hand “Good things happen to those who are busy. Chuck Noel “Things may happen to those who wait. But only what is left of those who hurry.” Abraham Lincoln “Success comes from the can; failure that cannot be done.” Unknown “Attitude is as important as ability to success.” Harry F. Banks Deep Quotes by Mark Twain “A man is not comfortable without his own approval.” Mark Twain “Too many people overestimate what they are not and underestimate what they are.” Malcolm S.

Andy Rooney

Forbes “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Jack Canfield “Happiness is nothing more than good health and poor memory.” Albert Schweitzer “Life is not about finding yourself. The real meaning of life is to shape yourself.” Bernard Shaw “It is more canadian phone number database fitting for a man to laugh at life than to lament it.” Seneca “I think not of all the pain, but of the beauty that is still there.” Anne Frank “In our view, painful trials are often blessings in disguise.” Oscar Wilde “There was a time when the risk of staying in the bud.

M. Scott Pike

Was more painful than the risk of flowering.” Anais Nin “A year from now you might wish you started today.” Karen Lamb Deep and Meaningful Quotes About Friendship In-depth quote from CS Lewis “When one says to another ‘What! You too? I thought it was only me.'” CS Lewis “Sweetness is the memory of a friend from afar! Like the soft light of the departed sun, falling tenderly and sadly on the heart.” Washington Irving “I love listening. I learned a lot from listening carefully. Most people never listen.

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