You don’t want new kit or new systems, you just want your existing staff to do the jobs they were employed to do in the first place. Life can be difficult enough without changing the tools every five minutes. As we all know, changing one thing leads to another and always ends up with complaints from someone or other. In the 80s the bain of every businessman’s life were the companies cold calling who sold copiers/fax/franking machines.

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The whole process was simpler then. The salesman relied on his ability to “close” the deal and the business owner also knew what he was getting – a copying machine, a sent document or a stamp on a piece of mail. Nowadays technology Investors Email Lists affects so many aspect of business that one false move can affect every department. And changing technology always seems to equal “pain.

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So keeping with current systems actually looks like an attractive and even cost-effective proposition. We only have to contend with the same excuses from our sales staff, but hey, it’s comfortable, it’s something we’ve all been doing for years, isn’t it? There is of course another side of the coin which is for the sales companies to market the actual benefits of change!

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