Listen to yourself and your body. Schedule more time to take care of yourself. Lay in bed at night and watch your favorite movie. Or go out for a walk or run in the woods. No one is going to reward you for hitting that wall or even getting burned. Be kind to yourself and prioritize your health. 25. Here. It’s easy to become worried when you spend too much time reliving the past or imagining the future in your mind.


horrible. over stressed. Choose to spend more time and time in the moment. If you get lost in the past or future, an easy way to reconnect with. The present is to focus completely outward for a minute or two. Sit or stand still and feel what’s happening Gambling Email List around you right now. see. hear. smell it. Feel the sun, rain or a soft sweater on your skin. 26. Stop trying to do things perfectly. Go and strive for good enough, and when you’re there, you’re done. And can move on to the next task or project.

Make sure you take the time to do what you love.

Setting this more human standard for measuring success is not just getting things done. But also improving your self-esteem, and. Then maintaining your self-esteem at a healthy level. Because when you measure yourself to perfection, it’s nearly impossible to maintain your self-esteem and feel good about yourself many times. 27. Get help. You don’t always have to go alone.

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