What will my life be like in five years if I continue on the terrible path I am today? Discuss these issues with someone. Or take out a piece of paper and write down your answers. Or do both. 4. You misunderstand the often little information you have. It’s easy to take few experiences—perhaps just once—and start seeing them as evidence of something permanent and scary in your life. How to do: Question your fears and their basis. Again, sit down with that pen and a piece of paper.

Don’t just take a second or two to answer it.

Think back to what evidence you have about your own fears and beliefs in your memory. Try to look at the situation that caused your fear today with fresh eyes. not the way you usually see it. Doing this, for example, helps me reduce my fear of social japan phone no rejection. I look back at some of the situations in the past that have shaped and exacerbated this fear. I realized: Honestly, I may have just misunderstood the rejection in some cases. I’m often rejected not because there’s something wrong with what I’m doing.

You keep your fears to yourself.
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1. You make fear blurry.

But simply because we’re not actually a good fit for each other. Either because the other person had a bad day, or because he or she just wanted to push me down in order to feel better about myself in that moment. It was an eye-opening experience and helped me understand that it’s not all about me and what I do. Our memory is often very inaccurate and unhelpful if not rechecked later. And our brains like to create patterns and conclusions based on little evidence or experience. 5. You try to dispel fear.

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