So I stick to my usual routine and choices. Ask someone out on a date. Because I don’t want to risk being rejected or looking like a fool in the eyes of others. Live the way I want from the bottom of my heart. Fear took hold of me and calmly explained to me that it was best and most comfortable for me to stay where I was and do nothing new. Many times, I sadly believed this fear and trapped myself in a place that deep inside I didn’t want to go. Our fears are based on how we see things.

You try to dispel fear.

Destructive habits of thought create a lot of really unnecessary and harmful fears. But there are also ways to deal with these habits as they arise and replace them with healthier ones over time. So today I want to share 6 destructive and fear-inducing how to get a free german phone number thought habits, and what to do about them without letting them wander freely in your mind. 1. You make fear blurry. As long as your fear of doing something is vague and uncertain, just floating around in your head, it holds you back and tends to get stronger over time.

You make things harder than action is required.
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Honestly, I may have just misunderstood

How to do: Ask yourself this question: What is the worst possible scenario in reality? Don’t just take a second or two to answer it. Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper. Take a moment to think hard and write a realistic worst-case scenario. this will: Make the things you’re really afraid of become clearer . Defuse a lot of vague fear or disaster scenarios that may flash in your mind . Helps you realize that even if the worst happens somehow, you can usually bounce back pretty quickly .

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