You keep your fears to yourself. It’s easy to control your imagination and build a horrible and numbing nightmare in your mind. It’s easy to lose touch with reality by facing your fears alone. How to do: Writing it out as above will definitely help. By sharing and getting some sober input from friends or family. The nightmare can often be quickly dispelled and seen for real.

A change of perspective is needed.

Just talking about it with someone who is really listening will release a lot of tension inside you. 3. You focus on areas that will get you into trouble. If you only focus on the negative things that can happen when you face your fears, it will be very difficult find address by phone number in sri lanka to start moving forward. How to do: A change of perspective is needed. You can get it by talking to your friends or family and exchanging ideas and. Experiences about opportunities to move forward.

You focus on areas that will get you into trouble.

You do this by focusing on the positives and why you’re going in the direction you’re afraid of. Find a more constructive and positive perspective: What potential benefits do I want and can gain by taking these actions? If I start down this path, what are the potential benefits within a year? What about in five years?

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