After years of being buddies, we are no longer fit to be each other’s best friends. After a lapse of 10 years, we finally parted ways, suddenly relieved. In retrospect, I wish we had moved on sooner because the later years of our. Friendships actually exhausted us, not that they helped us grow. Think about the negative things in your life right now. From toxic people to energy vampires to negative beliefs to unhappy thoughts to things. That trigger unhappy memories—and start dropping them one by one.

Because it makes my life so happy.

The sooner you let go, the happier you will be. 6. Take responsibility for your life Highly motivated people take responsibility for their lives because they realize that happiness is a choice . For all the problems, heartache, toxic people and Food, Kindred Products Manufacturers Email List baggage you face, be accountable for them. Although you may not have created these problems, and they may be. The result of someone else’s error, you can still be held responsible for encountering them. Doing so will allow you to stop them.

Say stop to your inner critic.

For example, I once experienced heartbreak with someone I liked. While I initially blamed him for causing me so much pain and suffering, it wasn’t until later that I took responsibility for my emotions and situation that I was finally able to move on. I realized later that I could take control of my happiness by taking responsibility for my negative emotions (and subsequent life). Because only when I do, can I take action to address my unhappiness and the circumstances that caused it, instead of blaming others.

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