For example, I used to be an emotional eater and I would eat in response to my emotions like stress and sadness. For a long time I never dealt with this and chose to drown myself in food when I was in a bad mood. Then I realized I was in great pain because my stress eating (a) caused me to gain weight and (b) made me a food slave. It was only two years ago that I started to solve this problem, and a year ago I completely solved it.

Be less self-sacrificing.

A simple tip for dealing with your problems is to (a) record any open problems you want to deal with, and then (b) work on them one at a time. It can feel overwhelming to deal with multiple issues at times, but doing them one at a time will help you manage things with ease. 5. Let go Highly motivated people let go of things that don’t Electronic, Electrical Manufacturers Email List support them in living a conscious and active life. This includes toxic and negative relationships. I once had to let go of a 10-year-old friendship because we blocked each other so badly.

In any relationship, you will become more attractive.

While I’m always trying to improve myself, he tends to procrastinate and sometimes replace life with my progress. His lack of initiative in living the life of his dreams affects me negatively as we have always agreed to achieve our life goals together and act together as best partners. I also feel like I’m responsible for his inaction if he does take the place of life by progressing through my own goals. Although we tried to fix the problem in the first place, it never happened. All our attempts to solve this problem exhausted us as we kept going in circles.

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