With another example we show how a shame it is when the working bee starts with an open door. The career at Afas opens with: ‘Working at Afas?!’ Eh, yes duh, that’s what I’m North Korea Email List for, right? Example of the careers page of afas. Is work ‘normal’ work at Afas? If you click further, Afas does talk about purpose and they put it nicely: ‘We make business software. Sexy huh! Or well, in any case indispensable for every company. Because companies want to be busy with their own product or service, and not with the associated North Korea Email List . […] Entrepreneurs thus have time to do what they have to do: run a business.

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And we find that genuinely sexy and inspiring!’ Also read: The North Korea Email List answer to the question ‘Do you say you or you on your website?’ Good text. Further on they call themselves ‘The ideal twelfth man’. Nicely worded, we would open the working bee with ‘Are you the North Korea Email List twelfth man?’ or ‘Do you also think business software is sexy?’ Example of an alternative recruitment page. More exciting entry: ‘Are you the North Korea Email List twelfth man?! There are many examples of careers that focus on purpose, we will mention a few. KPN Jobs is a super hip website that invites you to ‘make an impact together’.

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Centric encourages applicants: change the world with North Korea Email List . And at asr ‘you come and do what others are talking about’. A good job with a decent salary is not enough. We also work to contribute to a better world. Photography and video Good bees tell the story with a meaningful image. Many careers open with a video with atmospheric images of the working environment and colleagues. Short shots, dynamic editing. Organizations such as Defense and Coolblue naturally lend themselves to great videos, but the Tax and Customs North Korea Email List also shows that its task in the middle of society has a ‘purpose’.

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