Look for more positive things that are actually in my life and things I have done or are doing at the time. 3. Make a list and spend a few minutes indulging in your positive memories. Get out a pen and a piece of paper. or a blank memo on a smartphone. Think back. When and when you feel good enough. Or sometimes you may not feel good enough at first, but still take action and do well, even better than you expected.

What someone said or did to you may

Write down some of these memories. Then, when you feel unsure or your confidence drops in a situation, take out that note and immerse yourself in those memories for a few minutes to change your perspective. 4. Stop falling into comparison traps. When you Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List constantly compare yourself to others, to what they have and what they do, you fall into the comparison trap. This destructive habit often fosters that feeling of not being good enough. Because this habitual comparison is not a game you can win.

have nothing to do with you.

There will always be someone better than you, or having more or achieving more. somewhere near you, in the country or in the world. I’ve found that the better option for me is to compare myself to myself. See how far I’ve come and what I’ve overcome. Getting into the habit of just checking in on what other people are doing occasionally makes it easier not to be jealous but to be happy with their success. 5. What people share online are usually highlight reels.

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