You see where potential customers get stuck and how many Email List hairs this causes. Use that information to optimize your content. Do your visitors not understand what you are saying? Rewrite your pages at B1 level. Do they get annoyed because they can’t find certain information? Improve your navigation and take a closer look at your internal search engine. By taking the pain out of potential customers, you Ethiopia Email List them from cutting off the customer journey early. Create content Which questions do your customers not yet have an answer to?

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Do they have concerns that are not addressed? A Ethiopia Email List journey map shows in which phases of the customer journey you do not yet have suitable content for your target group. We call these gaps ‘content gaps’. Once you know where the content gaps are, you can start Ethiopia Email List valuable content. You don’t have to be a creative mastermind for that. A customer journey map can already provide many brackets for content. Usually you can’t work out all the new ideas at once. The time you have plays a role, but Ethiopia Email List the budget and the dependencies within your organization. To create structure, you can assess all your new ideas on two factors: impact and effort.

Ethiopia Email List

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Do you have little time, but do you want to take the Ethiopia Email List steps? First focus on quick wins and capitalize on peak moments. Also read: See the world through customer glasses, start with customer journey mapping [6 steps] Responding to peak moments peak-what? By mapping the customer journey you can respond to peak moments. You may be familiar with psychologist Daniel Kahneman ‘s Peak-end Rule . The theory suggests that we humans do not judge past events in their entirety, but at the most Ethiopia Email List point (positive or negative) and the last moment. Take a vacation. Apparently that perfect summer day weighs the most in our rating, as does the last day of vacation. So it’s not wrong to plan something fun right before you go home from now on. Peak end effect Presenter Your

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